May 15, 2008

A New Day...

Last night was tough, but today is a bit better. We have plowed through, keeping our schedules, stopping to talk about Ivy if we need to. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. My kids haven't had to deal with a pet "death" until now and that was tough. I think we are in good shape, but I couldn't help but look for her when we got home today.

As life goes on....the boys are camping this weekend. My plan is to pull weeds all weekend! Nothing beats grief than good ole' yard work. Marisa is already texting 'round the clock to make plans with her friends for this weekend. She has one week of 8th grade left and the class is polarized between "kum-ba-ya" and "not speaking". Jee-whiz....the drama!


  1. I'm so sorry you lost your dog.

    Thanks for stopping by to send bloggy love to the tusk maiden - we are sending some back and thinking of furry friends - they become family don't they?

  2. It was so hard for us coming home to the empty house, or not tripping over the dog in the usual spots. That is in part why we so quickly went out and got another dog - the house was just too unbearably dogless.
    New dog is great, but I still miss Alice.
    Hope that each day gets a little easier for your family.

  3. Sorry to hear about your dog. That's something I'm not looking forward too; especially how my kids will react. He's a pain in my arse most days - as he HAS to lie RIGHT in my path, but I know I'll miss him terribly when he's not with us anymore. (He's getting really old now; no, I'm not plotting to whack him).

    Thanks for visiting my blog ;).