November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marisa!

Marisa turned 16 years old yesterday. She chose to go to Red Robins for lunch.
She bought this Ghostbusters shirt from money she got from her Uncle Lucas and Aunt Vicky. Instead of a birthday cake, Marisa wanted Scooby Doo cupcakes. (Yea, there's still a kid underneath that tough exterior.)
Every year when the 'fab four' are together, we line them up for a mug shot. Looks like Tony is the tallest this time.
Did you know that the Denver Aquarium has Sumatran Tigers?
See Nemo?
It's Big Boy! We had turtles when I was growing up. When they got too big, we would turn them loose at Lake Jacksonville. Now, when we see turtles, we say "It's Big Boy!" (Similar to the line "punch buggy, not punch backs...")
Orange was the color of the day...
Marisa let me take a picture with her. I think I brushed my hair that morning, maybe not.
Marisa and her Papa...
Dad and Me. I love you!!!

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well....the gang's all here! Amazing how they have grown since last summer. The boys are still toe-to-toe in height. Marisa has fallen alittle behind, but don't let that fool you. She still rules the roost (Queen-in-training). We went to Pearl Street the first day and enjoyed the nice weather.
And, being a computer family, even my brother had to put in a few minutes working. Hey! He is now officially on facebook, too!
It's early in the morning on this beautiful, crisp Thanksgiving Day. We put the turkey in brine the night before and here it is on the grill. Yep! We grilled the turkey this year.
The spread is bountiful....(but the photo is cropped crooked.)
The boys...silly as ever. And, nothing less is expected.
Here's Marisa. Tomorrow is her 16th birthday. Stay tuned....

November 7, 2009

Original Man Candle...Candles With Attitude

Danny and I went to the Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show as we do each year. We love all the holiday ideas, cooking shows, crafts, food, etc. This year there was a new station that had Man Candles.

Ok, this was a blast! Between the scents of Football, Golf Course, Cup o' Joe, Pot Roast, Sawdust, Fishing Dock, Bacon, Garage, and Freedom...we couldn't decide which to get. However, I just couldn't manage to work up the courage to sniff the Fart candle.

We decided on Football (leather), Golf Course (fresh cut grass), and Cup o' Joe (obvious). They had run out of Draft Beer and French Fry candles. I might have liked those as well.

Yep, Danny married the right girl. I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dee Jay's Candles like lavender, cinnamon, english ivy, baked pie, white chocolate, spring rain, and french vanilla. But, I can stand my own ground and hang with the best o' them. Except the farting thing, that's just gross!