May 9, 2008

Elitch Gardens

We had a great time at Elitch Gardens tonight. Danny and I got to spend time alone among the masses. Marisa hooked up with her friends. Tony and his friends paired off (in a group of 6). I actually rode a few roller coasters. Then, we went on the "Shake, Rattle, and Roll". I can't rotate and revolve at the same time and I just about lost it. That did it for me. Two hours into the park and I was toast. Now, we are back home. Tony's friend spent the night, Marisa is texting and lurking in myspace, and Danny is on the guitar.

My mom continues to struggle. Today, she was coughing blood. My dad is also declining in strength. He is so distraught and depressed. I will be taking a trip to Texas soon, I think. Prayers are anwered, please help.

Tomorrow I have my last Child Health Liaison meeting. Then, while I go to a Pampered Chef party, Danny and the kids are going to little Sam's party. He is the son of Marisa's sponsor. Wow! We are always on the go...

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