June 30, 2008

Colorado Or Bust

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Colorado. I've gotten Mom and Dad "up to speed" and they are in good spirits. Mom had several visitors today including my BFF Jayme who gave her a pedicure. Mom's friend Audrey brought her some beautiful Texas Yellow Roses. Those little things are worth more than ever imagined.

Well, the Bachelorette is over and now I have to pack and load up the car. Oh, I'm so NOT looking forward to this trek up the mountain. But...I'll be back (August 7-11).

June 29, 2008

Rain Catchers

Mom loves to feed the plants with rain water. Rain catchers are not cheap to come by, unless you are my Mom. She uses 4 types of buckets/jugs. The first set of rain catchers are pink in color. Their alternative uses ar as a bed or wash pan from the hospital. We have MANY of these. The second rain catcher is an empty plastic dog food box. The first step is to strategically place the catchers unde the edge of the porch cover to get the biggest drips.

The next step is to retrieve the remaining 2 rain catcher jugs. These consist of old milk jugs and the pink drinking pitchers (also confiscated from the hospital. We have about 40 of these). It is imperative to keep the caps from the milk jugs. After the rain has abated, secure the pink hospital picther and dip it in the bed/wash pans. Then, carefully pour the water into the milk jug and recap it. Easy!

Here are a couple of results from using rain water from the rain catchers. Nice green, lush plants. These bad boys are watered once a week. They are indoor plants, but the outdoor plants on the porch get rain-watered, too.

This ivy on the Sparkletts water dispenser has quite the best position. Many folks think that Mom waters her plants from the Sparkletts water. NOPE! That water is for drinking. Since the rain catchers are a la natural and tend grow a few extra vitameatavegamins, hence the earthy greens on the inside of the jugs, some visitors are taken aback by the jugs when the rain water makes its entrance into the house for waterting time. But, the results are beautiful!


June 28, 2008

Hotty Mommies (Dare I Say From The '80's)

Tony owes me five bucks! I told him I used to tan good AND I used to be skinny. I didn't have any problem showin' off this Hawaiian Luau Hula Skirt with coordinating Hibiscus print top and matching flowery hair clip. I believe I was thin for about 15 minutes. Then I'm sure I drove to the nearest 7-11 for a large Slurpee and a bag of White Cheddar Popcorn. Once those were consumed, I was back outside under the bright sunlight slathered in pure Johnson & Johnson baby oil to get that nice "healthy" sunkissed glow. I didn't know that in about twenty years I would be visiting a dermatologist for sundamaged skin or a physician for dietary advice due to over eating. But hey, aren't I still hot in this photo?

Here's Mom posing in front of her Firebird. What? Is that an emphyzema stick in her hand? Don't you know those things cause hospice to visit some twenty odd years later? It causes a chronic lung disease characterized by progressive, irreversible expansion of the alveoli with eventual destruction of alveolar tissue, causing obstruction to airflow. Patients with emphysema often have labored breathing, wheezing, chronic fatigue, and increased susceptibility to infection, and may require oxygen therapy. But hey, isn't Mom still hot in this photo?

June 27, 2008

Have Cousins, Will Travel

For 10 years now, we come home not only to visit friends and the family, but specifically to hang with the COUSINS! So here they are: (l-r) Tony, Jaron, Parker, and Marisa.

They love each other so darn much. Can you feel the love? After 5 minutes, their behavior digresses. But you can still feel the love, right?

BTW...The slang meaning for cousin is a gullible, innocent person who is easily duped or taken advantage of. Sometimes its difficult to tell which one is gullible, which one is innocent, which one is easily duped, and which one is taken advantage of. Oh well, as the old idiom goes: six of one, a half dozen of the other.

June 26, 2008

Another Answered Prayer

Dad had surgery today and he came through with flying colors depsite all the "mishaps". Here's what I mean by "mishaps". He was scheduled to have this procedure at 7:30am at the day clinic. No...didn't happen. It was rescheduled for 2:00pm at the hospital. This was due to the concern for his anemia/heart/myasthenia gravis. So, we head up to the hospital at noon since they like you there so early. He had his blood cross-typed and matched and had an EKG. We go to the 3rd floor (this is important for later). Instead of an IV drip in his hand, he has a power port and wants the IV drip through the port. Well....the nurse had to get some supplies for it, meaning we had to wait more. Then, the doctor was running late and the surgery was scheduled to go at 3:30pm.

Dad asked me to go to the pharmacy and get the prescriptions filled instead of waiting until after the surgery. I did. While I was gone he went off to surgery. Dang! Next, the surgery was supposed to be about an hour and a half. Two hours later I was waiting in his room. Then over the loud speaker I hear...."Code Blue 3rd floor OR. Code Blue 3rd floor OR". My heart started racing, I was getting hot, I couldn't hear, I was almost in a panic. I calmed myself enough to go ask to the desk. No one was there. I immediately call my brother and tell him. He was cool about it and told me that there are several ORs on the 3rd floor.

I go to the desk again and there are nurses there this time. I ask for my Dad and they said that he will be going to the 4th floor. They helped me gather his stuff and upstairs I went. Heavy sigh. It's now 5:45pm. The doctor finds me to tell me that he was okay and the procedure will probably alleviate several of his other problems as well (the blocked tear duct, anemia, migraines). At 6:00pm I can go see him. He is drugged out of his mind of course, but talkative and wants to get out of there! At 8:10pm, I FINALLY get to help him get dressed to go home. We get home and he wants a diet coke, chicken nuggets, cheese and crackers, a bag of ice, and his pain pill.

He is settled in for the night. I wish I had a sleeping pill! Oh...Jase stayed with Mom because she was going crazy WAITING. Mom said Marisa and Tony were great helpers today. Another answered prayer....

June 25, 2008

Do You Accept Jesus?

Can you tell this is the happiest, spirit-filled couple you've seen in awhile?

My Dad did today! He was baptised today! At home! This was one of the issues that my parents wanted to get straight, having my Dad accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. Now, my Dad grew up in the Methodist church and was "sprinkled" when he was 12-years-old. This was done with a bunch of other 12-year-olds. His parents weren't present and he doesn't remember "all the details". Nothing was ever said about it since. Also, Dad was given his "last rites" way back when, when he was stationed in Germany in the 1950s. He was in a terrible motorcycle crash and was pronounced dead. The military Catholic chaplin gave him his "last rites". Well, Dad doesn't remember this either. Obviously, Dad didn't die. So for years Dad has been, as he says..."kinda out there".

One of Mom's biggest worries during this hospice experience was that Dad would remain "kinda out there". Mom grew up in the Church of Christ. Today their Pastor came over. Next thing I knew, Dad called me downstairs and asked me if I wanted to witness his baptism. OF COURSE!!!! Mom was absolutely beaming. Dad said she hasn't looked at him so "dreamy-eyed" in years. Since my mom is homebound, Dad was baptised here at their home...where they have raised their family since 1972!

June 24, 2008

Happy 16th Anniversary

We arrived at my parents house at 11:30pm Texas time. Mom was up, Dad was completely sacked out. The kids and I unloaded the essentials and went to bed. But, I could not sleep. I heard the clock tick, the air conditioner click on and off, the toilet tank level itself, dogs bark in the distance, the TV on downstairs. I finally called Danny at 4:30am. We talked for awhile, then I was finally calmed down to sleep.

I called him again this morning, well...that would be later in the morning to wish him a Happy Anniversary.

June 22, 2008

On The Road Again

Tomorrow I leave for Texas again. This time it's a road trip with my 2 teenage youngins. Tony just got back from his rafting trip, all tuckered out and cranky with a duffle bag full of stinky, wet boy clothes. Marisa is busy downloading movies to her iTouch so she won't be "bored" in the car. Both are taking their summer reading books. Marisa is reading Of Mice And Men. Tony is reading Robinson Crusoe. I've got most of my stuff packed. I've even orgained my scrapbook power layout box just in case I can scrapbook this time. I am planning on scrapbooking my parents 50th anniversary pictures for my mom.

How is my mom doing you ask? Well, she has her good days and bad days. From what I can tell when I talk with her, she is walking around more, which is a good thing. She reports that she is sleeping better. Her appetite is still stong. Most of all, her spirits are high. I thank God daily and continue praying for more of these "good days".

June 21, 2008

Wax Jobs

When it's just us girls, we go all out! This time Marisa and I went into Louisville for wax jobs...lips and brows. Later, we ate more of that ice cream from last night. Danny called to say they made it down the river without incident. Now, Marisa and I are watching Roscoe Jenkins. It stars Martin Lawrence. He was hilarious in Big Mama's House. Sayonara...

June 20, 2008

Girls...With Ice Cream

The boys are off on a white water rafting trip. Marisa and I hit the grocery store for a few "girl's weekend treats". We decided ice cream was the way to go. We got a three cartons: Cherry Almond Fudge, Chocolate Moose Track, and French Silk. Now, it's just me, Marisa, and Lucy. Yes, Lucy will get ice cream, too.

June 19, 2008

I Feel Sneaky

Shhh! I'm on the computer at work. I thought I would catch up on my reading, then I got brave and actually logged onto my blog, then I became brazen and decided to make an entry. Oh, I feel so sneaky. (I know Rochelle can look at the history on her computer....let's see how long it takes!) And, I'm playing my iPod Shuffle in one ear!

June 17, 2008

The Right Stuff

'Member watching those movies where the heroes come walking in full force and you find yourself saying..."oh, yea, they're gonna kick some a** now"? Like in the movie The Right Stuff, all those astronauts strolling out of the hanger. Or, the movies where the underdogs "aren't gonna take it anymore" and they are walking in slow motion to confront their bullies? Well...

That's the impression or the picture that came to my mind when I picked up Marisa from Golf Camp today. No...nothing like Caddy Shack (but that is funny now). I watched 7 teenage golfers: 5 boys and 2 girls, walk from the greens, down the cart path, and out front of the club house with their bags on their shoulders, walking side by side, all red faced from the heat, awaiting their mommas to pick them up from camp. All of a sudden, I got tunnel vision and a bit faint. How could my baby girl be old enough to carry her own golf bag, much less be in Golf Camp for the high school team? Heavy sigh.

Then, back at home, I hear a loud knock on the door and I find two teenage boys (both kinda cute for skateboardin' punks). At first, I thought they would be asking for Marisa, but to my surprise, they ask for Tony. Simultaneously, here comes Tony bounding down the stairs with his skate board in hand saying, "I'm going out, Mom." All I could muster from my lips (tunnel vision and light-headedness will do that to a 40+ momma) was, "okay, take your cell phone and house key." Heavy, heavy sigh.

June 15, 2008

Three Fans, Three Margaritas

First, Happy Father's Day! We kinda celebrated that yesterday, so today Danny and Tony installed the fans we bought yesterday. Tony decided his didn't blow enough air, so those two took the fan back to get a new one. Marisa and I went off to Kohls (she needed appropriate attire for golf camp next week). We ended up getting Danny a Fender rock-n-roll shirt. He loved it. The new fan got installed and everyone took a nap in their own rooms under their new fans. We live in luxury here in the high country...

For dinner, Danny wanted to go to 3 Margaritas, so off we went. Now, he is plugged into Everquest. Tony is using his Borders gift card online. Marisa and I just finished our weekly "facials". We live in luxury here in the high country...

June 14, 2008

Pre-Father's Day

Danny wanted to see Ironman today, so that's what we did. Loved it! For lunch, it was Carl's, Jr. Yep...nothing outlandish or fancy or, most importantly, nothing expensive. We enjoyed spending time just the four of us.

Danny and I put together upcoming VBS (Vacation Bible School) crafts. I'm coordinating the crafts this year and I always recruit Danny to help me prep, whether it be for kindergarteners, VBS, Santa, or the Knights of Columbus breakfasts.

June 13, 2008

Back to Mile High

My first full day back in Colorado. I went to work, calling my parents only 6 times or so. Then, tonight I went scrapbooking. That was a nice relaxing few hours with more great friends. Marisa and Tony went off to the rec center for a workout and a swim.

Tomorrow my Dad has to get a unit of blood for his anemia. (?) I'm not quite sure what's going on there. This is a development since I left them. Don't think I can handle BOTH parents down at the same time. But, I trust in God.

June 12, 2008

My Brother

Remember when you were young and you did everything to torture your kid sibling? Well....I did the same thing. This is me and Jase when we were small. My parents have this picture displayed on the center of their dresser. What a kick!

June 11, 2008

You've Got The Look

Ruth & Jim out on the town

Mom comes up with the funniest sayings. Now, she is only 5'1" and weighs probably 100lbs. wet. We had just finished lunch when the home aide called to schedule an appointment. I heard Mom on the phone saying, "I just finished lunch, so it'll be like bathin' a whale". Man, I pray she never losing that sense of humor!

I just love this picture of my parents. This was taken one night (they can't remember who took the photo) when they were "goin' out on the town". I think they look like movie stars. I LOVE IT!!!

I changed the header picture on the blog to this one of me and my parents. We were at Six Flags Over Texas at Arlington. I was just a toddler. I love the way Mom is looking at me. I look like a sunburned cherub, but I love this picture. And, Daddy looks so proud.

June 9, 2008

Mindless Over Matter

Today Mom had visits from lots of nice people. I could tell she brightened up as she talked with each visitor. This warmed my heart. My BFF Jayme picked me up and we had lunch at Abuelo's. As I was going out the door, Mom shouted to get her a spinach enchilada and an avocado enchilada. Another heart warming moment, Mom was hungry! After lunch, Mom took a bath. I helped her wash her hair and I dried it for her. She picked out her favorite night gown to wear. She is set for the evening. I pray she SLEEPS tonight!

Of course, I've already told Daddy that his shift was during the Bachelorette. I got the blankess stare. He said, "you know your momma and I don't watch that stuff."

"Yep," I said, "I know that, but I do. I need that mindless entertainment."

He turned back to the television and pressed play on the TiVo. He went back to watching "General Hospital". I didn't say it, but I thought...."yes, you do, too!"

June 8, 2008

Wedding Day

Jim & Ruth's Wedding Day March 17, 1957

Here is my mom and dad on their wedding day...51 years ago! I think they are beautiful and handsome beyond words, not to mention happy. Today, when I was getting lunch ready, I heard them call each other "baby" and "darling". They didn't know I was listening. But, this time, I wasn't crying my eyes out, I was smiling.

My brother is here with us now. The four of us, our original nuclear family, has spend 4 straight days together now. We have eaten at the family table together, watched television together, made decisions together, and just enjoyed each other's company. We went gone through "important papers" today...that was a chore because Mom is the original poster woman for "PACK RAT". She made a list of those who she wants to write thank you cards. She was concerned because she couldn't write her name. I told her that I could write the cards for her and change hands to sign her name. She chuckled at that and said, "yea, I guess that's okay."

Here's my "thank you": Thanks with all my heart to all who have expressed concern, well wishes, and prayers. I'm not one to solicit attention or request too much, but now is the time. Thank you all so very much for all the personal touches in your support. Please pray for strength and acceptance. Plese pray for love and hope. Please pray for peace and God's blessings.

June 7, 2008


This is Zeus in drag. I know, we love him too much sometimes!

What would I do without my best friend, Jayme? I have known her for 30+ years. Mom had a rough night last night. We were up and down all night. Today was a bit better. After lunch, when Mom was settled and Dad was home, Jayme picked me up and we went to her sister's for girl time. Jayme has been through a couple of "hospice" situations with her family. She has been a big help to me and Mom.

When I returned from my break with my BFF Jayme, my brother was at the house with his BFF dog, Zeus. Zeus is the biggest dang boxer I've ever seen. Mom was sitting up enjoying her canine visitor. I took a picture of Zeus with my cell phone, but I don't know how to transfer it to the computer. I'll just have to wait until I get home so Marisa can do it for me.

Please keep us in your prayers for a more peaceful sleep tonight. God Bless...

June 5, 2008

It's The Little Things

I am in Texas now with my parents. I spent a busy day here. One of my high lights was giving my mom a foot massage as she rested. It's the little things that make a difference. I prayed to St. Therese of Lisieux for her intercession.

Therese of Lisieux is one of the patron saints of the missions, not because she ever went anywhere, but because of her special love of the missions, and the prayers and letters she gave in support of missionaries. This is reminder to all of us who feel we can do nothing, that it is the little things that keep God's kingdom growing.

June 3, 2008

Do People Survive Hospice Care?

My mom has taken an unexpected turn. I have a telephone conference tomorrow with my family and a hospice representative. I have said the Rosary non-stop this afternoon. How did this happen so quickly and so unexpectedly?

June 1, 2008

Lucy Girl Has A New Purpose

Marisa and I figured out Lucy's new purpose! She is a messenger dog. When I'm upstairs and Marisa is downstairs and I want a coke, all I have to do is write a message on note paper, put it in Lucy's collar and yell to Marisa to call the dog. Lucy takes off running downstairs. Then, Marisa retrieves the note and brings me a coke! Yea...we are bored stiff.

Or...we are super tired from the party yesterday. The boys came upstairs to Tony's room at midnight, but giggled, farted, burped, wrestled, and banged on the walls until 2am. That's five boys in one room. UGH! When I smelled cologne, I knocked on the door and told them to settle down. I asked why it smelled like cologne and the reply from "the room" was that it stunk. I guess I could have sent a note in with Lucy, but I told them to open the window and go to bed. I learned this morning that the last boy to fall asleep did so at 4am.