September 19, 2009

Legacy Homecoming 2009

Homecoming is an event that stays with you forever. This is Tony's first homecoming. Marisa didn't go to homecoming last year. But this year was a different story.
Here is Tony in his room waiting for the girls to get ready. Tony started getting ready at 2pm.

Marisa and her darn lip ring. Here she is getting ready.

Had to get a picture of my kids together, smiling, happy, and being nice. Yea, I had to snap this one quickly.

Tony and Heather. Note the wrist corsage...Tony picked this one out all by himself. He did a great job!

Marisa and Sevren. The hat thing, I don't know what that's about. But most of the guys were wearing them. Marisa is so darn pretty, sin't she?

The fab foursome. They decided to go to Red Robin for dinner. Can't beat those bottomless french fries. Marisa and Sev know how to pose! Tony and Heather are so cute together.

And, here is the entire group. The new additions are Shannon and Dexton. They piled into my car (Tony and Dex ended up in the back) and off they went to the dance. Thank you all, kids, for being patient with us moms. We were snapping shots faster than a modeling session.

September 13, 2009

Grand Lake, Colorado

I'm sitting here thinking of something to say about our weekend at Grand Lake, CO. I keep thinking how much I want to go back! I'm thinking that once the kids graduate and move out, Danny and I can retreat to the mountains forever! Who needs the day-to-day grind and drama of reality? Oh well, we'll see...
This is the front of our cabin. We stayed in the Henry Schnoor Cottage. Perfect size for our clan.

This is the back of our cabin. Tony and I sat on the porch in the morning, drinking coffee that was so hot and so strong. He complained of being cold and wrapped up in his comforter. He wouldn't be a good candidate for full-time mountain living.

This is the Grand Lake Yacht Club where we rented out boat for the day. Luxurious...mountain style!

This is Shadow Mountain. Very nice, crisp, and peaceful.

This is Danny and me by the harbor and the museum. Walking distance everywhere.

Well! Imagine our surprise and chagrin when we saw the sign "Please stay off the rocks"!

So, we found a BOULDER instead. Oh, where is Marisa? Well, being the teenager that she is, she wanted to stay back home with friends. So be it...

All I Did Was Blink

Here is my son Tony with his girlfriend Heather. At first, I was a bit shocked when I saw this. But, what you don't see are the other 4 kids in the room making faces. She did a good job cropping them out. It was taken in our house, on the sofa. Still...all I did was blink and my son grew up.