May 19, 2008

The Eye Doctor

The kids had eye doctor appointments today. I thought they were just going to have their eyes checked. Little did I know that I was going to get griped at for Marisa not wearing her glasses and for Tony breaking his glasses. Let me explain, please indugle my rant for a moment. I told the doc that Marisa only wears her glasses at home and not at school. The doc launched into a 15 minute lecture about "life goals". That's right..."life goals". She told Marisa to picture her college career and life after college. Marisa is 14 and her "goal" is hangin' with her homies on the weekends. When the doc turned to me and said that I should help Marisa make a poster with pictures from magazines to represent her goals, I had to cut her off! My kids had started to slump in the chairs. I just responded with, "can we get back to the eye exam?" Well, she didn't like that too much.'s Tony's turn. Okay, his glasses are broken because he wears his all the time and he got a ball kicked in his face (from a bully, another Oprah). Anyway, she starts in on where we bought his glass because they are too big and they don't fit his face. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in...

After the exam, she walked us over to the eye glasses area and started showing me glasses with flexi-things and how to "fit" the kids for their glasses. She wouldn't take the charts to the desk so I could pay. It was at this point that Marisa texted me, so I pretended I had to answer the phone. Tony took my car keys and went to the car. I start toward the desk, pretending like I was having a converstion with Danny. Marisa also slunked out the door. I hung up the phone at the desk and got out my wallet to pay. The girl behind the desk said she didn't have my paper work yet. I told her that the charts were in the eye glasses area. She didn't budge. I offered to go get it for her, then she realized that I wasn't interested in buying their glasses. She finally got up and retrieved the charts. The doc just happened by and said that they are here if we need anything. I paid and walked out the door.

Thanks for listening......sigh.

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  1. Oh, I feel your pain. No fun.
    Atleast you made it out without being completely intimidated into buying their glasses.