May 30, 2008

Citizenship, Academics, Or Both

We started off the day at Mass, the last one of the school year. After Mass, the school awards were passed out and report cards were available for parent pick-up. The good news is that Tony passed and is now an incoming 8th grader. He actually got the highest citizenship grades this last quarter than he did all year. His grades were good, too, but not as good as they had been throughout the year. We praised Tony for his awesome citizenship (considering he was suspended for a day for climbing on the stair rail). Tony said that he worked so hard on behaving, that he couldn't concentrate on his school work. Hmmm....BULL! Tony scored on grade 13 (Freshman college) on his COGAT testing this year. Since it was the last day of school, we didn't argue with him, but come August we expect him to keep the awesome citizenship AND live up to his academic potential.

So, what is important to you...citizenship, academics, or both?

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