May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a good day today. I did laundry, took a shower, went to eat, and wandered Pearl Street Mall with my family. I totally stuffed myself at The Broker Inn...shrimp, crab legs, lemon chicken, salmon, scallops, pork loin, cream puffs, a waffle, a hot cookie, several mimosas, and coffee. I didn't eat one veggie. UGH! When I write all that down, it sounds gross. I was so consumed with my plates of food, I couldn't tell ya' what the rest of the crew ate. Burp.

We went straight over to Pearl Street to walk off the hour and a half we took to EAT. We saw the typical Boulder street performers: a kid on the bag pipes, some dude balancing on a skate board juggling steak knives, guitar players with dreadlocks, and an older couple blowing on extra long rain sticks. The sound was similar to an airplane flying off in the distance. Now Danny and I have options other than being greeters at Walmart when we retire. I doubt I could blow on those rain sticks with my asthma.

Tony was dead set on buying me a Mother's Day present. I love my son. He is almost 13 years old, but hasn't made the "turn" yet. He still acts like a 12-year-old twit most of the time. But, he lets me hug him in public sometimes. Anyway, at each store we went into, he would ask if I wanted something. Murphy's Law....when you are allowed to buy anything you want, you can't find anything!

Before we went home, we had to stop off at Target. You know how it goes...toilet paper, dog food, shampoo, etc. Well, it took me 5 minutes to make the rounds and get the essentials. Where did I find my family? At the sunglasses case. And, each had found a pair for themselves.

As we are getting into the car, Tony said he had a great Mother's Day. I'm so glad he did. I know Mother's Day is to honor moms. But my greatest honor is to make sure my family is happy. Honestly, I buy stuff for myself all the time throughout the year. I don't need something material to feel special (the brunch was quite enough today).

I talked to my mom twice today. She sounded in good spirits, but tomorrow she starts a new physical therapy regime and has to go by ambulance back to the hospital for a CT scan. While I don't mind not getting a "gift" from my kids, I'm desperately selfish in wanting my mom to get better soon.

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