May 16, 2008

Momma's Home!

Yes! After 34 days in the hosptial/rehab with pneumonia and a staff infection, my mom is now home. It's been slow going, but she sounded very relaxed. Their neighbor made a beef stew for them. My cousin is bringing over food this weekend. The home health care people have set up occupational and physical therapy for her. I'll be flying home next Friday for an extended weekend to help out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hopefully, my heart burn will go away now.

Our dog, Lucy, has moved into the alpha spot. Well, she is our only pup now. Last night she slept on Ivy's pillow. That pillow traveled everywhere Ivy traveled. I've washed it just as much as I've washed Tony's blankey over the years. In fact, it's in the washer now. I guess Lucy can put her smell on it.

The boys took off camping this afternoon. Marisa and I can go eat anything we want without Danny complaining about how much it costs to go out to eat. I don't feel guilty one bit. It's been a difficult past couple of weeks. Sorry Dan-o...have fun roughin' it.

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