May 24, 2008

I'll Keep It Brief

Since my last post, my daughter graduated from middle school, I've flown to Texas, paid bills for my parents, balanced their checkbook, returned pants to JC Penney's for my mom, did my parent's laundry, went grocery shopping, cooked, changed mom's O2 tubing, transferred rainwater to jugs, pruned the plants, gassed up the car, mopped the floors, picked up prescriptions, helped go through piles of "stuff", re-primed the coffee pot (that was interesting), sorted through the take-home items from the hospital, took a shower, and sat down to enjoy a Chai Latte.

What has Danny been doing? Dropping me off at the airport, taking Tony to school, picking Tony up from school, playing Everquest, adopting a fish from Petco, taking the kids to McDonald's, taxing the kids and their friends to the mall and to the movies, changing the batteries in our home phones, planting our vegetable garden, and IDK (text lingo for "I Don't Know") what all.

Gee, all this in only 24 hours.

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