November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, we made it to Texas. We've spent all day getting ready to stuff ourselves. Danny took the turkey out of the oven and some of the juice leaked onto the floor. Lucy was there in no time licking it up. Needless to say, the pan was still leaking turkey jucie all on Lucy's head. That was fun to clean up.

Today is also Marisa's birthday. She is 15 going on 30. Wait, wasn't that a movie? Anyway, she hasn't opened presents yet, so I can't say what she is going to get. (She is typing this for me on her iPod.)

Everyone have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

November 24, 2008

A Mom's Worst Fears

...have been realized over this last month with my kids in the neighborhood schools. Before they were in a bubble in a small town, small student populated private Catholic school (which turned out terrible enough). Anyway, the events that have happened, not to my kids, but to other kids in the schools is enough to send a mom directly to the psych hospital. Here's why:

At Tony's school: a 13-year-old girl has been missing for over 30 days now. Her posters are up everywhere. She was in Tony's grade. Suspicion is that she ran away and is "out there" somewhere. Her parents have put open letters in the paper to her. No responses.

Also at Tony's school: a 6th grade boy has been told that his leukemia has returned for the 3rd time and THIS time he needs a bone narrow transplant. Sad thing is that his family is not a match, so there is a donor drive at the school this afternoon.

At Marisa's school: This last Saturday night a senior, an 18-year-old boy, was in a single car accident on the highway. He got out of the car to run across the highway and was struck dead. Today, grief counselors are at the high school. This boy was on the soccer team and the student film news crew. Of course, Marisa is like me and lets tragic events overtake her. We had long talks yesterday and this morning about what to expect at school and how to stay faithful yet objective.

So, a mom's total nightmare: a runaway, a life threatening illness, and a tragic car accident.

Please pray for the kids and families in this community as well as your own. We don't understand the "bigger picture" in all of this. I have said the Guardian Angel, the Rosary, and the Our Father so many times of late. Please join me...

November 22, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Marisa slept until 2pm today. I went into her room several times, each time doing something passive-aggressive to wake her up: leaving the door open, opening the curtains, turning on the lamp. Then, it got more p-a: throwing off the covers, pulling her pillow out from under her. Then, it went straight aggressive: reaching for the cell phone. That did it!

The boys headed up to Fort Lupton to go orienteering. Not my bag, I can't even figure out Mapquest. How can I possibly figure out aerial shots of the earth and pinpoint where I am or supposed to be? Sorry, rhetorical question. Now, put Starbucks on the trailheads and I could possibly follow the scents of a Peppermint Mocha Twist or Chai Tea Latte...

Marisa and I went Christmas shopping. I bought the third book in the Twilight saga: Eclipse. Now, we are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and wrapping presents. Oh, we stopped at The Happy Sumo for some sushi for dinner. When the boys are out, the girls play, and eat out, and shop...

November 21, 2008

Team Edward

Oh, yes! Marisa and I went to see Twilight this afternoon. I am so a fan of Edward. Well, I actually like all the vegetarian vampires, but Edward is my favorite. I've already started the second book in the series, New Moon. Thank you, Miss Kris, for getting me hooked!

November 19, 2008

Space Teens

...on bikes. I chaperoned the 8th grade to Career Day at the Denver Merchandise Mart yesterday. The kids were to go to different career pathways and interview folks for potential jobs, education opportunities, etc. One of the booths was for HazMat situations. Well, of course, the boys LOVED dressing up in the Tyvek suits. They got to keep them. The boys had to take them off for the bus ride back to the school, but after school the boys put them back on and rode bikes around the neighborhood. Here is Tony and one of his friends, two others already rode off down the street. Man, I can only imagine what drivers were thinking. But, if they live in our neighborhood, they know these boys and nothing surprises them. Tony's zipper broke on his, so he used duct tape to "fix" it. Very comical kids...

November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Plans

We are heading down to Texas for Thanksgiving. Marisa's birthday is actually on Thanksgiving Day this year. I haven't seen my parents since August and I'm looking forward to visiting with them again. Considering...we didn't expect Mom to be with us this holiday, so we are blessed and very, very, very thankful!

We will be visiting with Danny's family as well. We are planning a road trip (like driving to Texas isn't a road trip aleady) to Canton for a huge trades sale! Marisa will probably play golf with her Papa, that is always special for the both of them. Tony will get to visit with his Confirmation sponsor. Even though it will be a short visit, it will be very meaningful for our families.

November 15, 2008


...makes you feel so good! Today, Marisa and I put together holiday and supplemental food baskets at the Visiting Nurse Association (where I work). These baskets are for families in the Denver area are homebound due to illness or accidents. Marisa really enjoyed herself and she also gets community service credits at school.

Danny and Tony voluteenered at Immaculate Conception making tamales with our spanish-speaking parishoners. The monies raised from the tamale sales will go to Sister Carmen to help those in Boulder County with electric and water bills and to our parish assistance fund for those in need.

The rest of the day is for us as a family now. So, after lunch which includes tamales, we'll probably 'hang-out' at the local movie theater. Later tonight, when it gets dark, Marisa and I will read Twilight.

November 11, 2008

I've Got Nothing

Nope...nothing new and exciting to report. So, I guess I could make some random statements. Let's see:
1) Marisa and I are volunteering this weekend at my work to put together holiday food baskets
2) Tony and Danny are volunteering this weekend at our parish to make tamales for a fundraiser
3) We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving trip to Texas, but the dog stinks to high heaven so we will have to bathe her before we get in the car for the 12 hour drive
4) Marisa's birthday is actually on Thanksgiving Day this year. She has morphed into a typical-15-year-old-know-it-all-and-I'm-entitled-to everything-I-ask-for-without-expectations-of-having-to-do-anything-in-return (oh, how we are blessed!)
5) We had frito pie for dinner tonight
6) Marisa and I are still reading Twilight
7) Tony's hammock broke because all his friends thought it was so cool to have a hammock in the bedroom that they all swung in it until the base broke
8) My uncle and aunt are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this weekend
9) Marisa wants her lip pierced for her birthday...over our dead and decaying bodies!
10) I changed into my pajamas as soon as I got home from work, then got the sleeve of my pink fuzzy housecoat dirty from raking it across the frito pie AND I haven't bothered to change, I just wiped off the frito pie with a paper towel
11) I'm off from work on Friday and I plan to finish scrapbooking my 2007 album so I can take it to Texas and show everyone what good times we have inbetween crises

November 10, 2008

Last One Standing

When I let Lucy outside yesterday morning, this little leaf-soldier was hanging onto the tree branch. It was the last leaf on this tree. Note: this is also the tree that the resident squirrel hangs out to pester Lucy! Lucy sits by the back door crying and whining to go outside. She darts out the door and straight for this tree. The squirrel, hearing the door unlock, bolts from this tree and dashes across the yard to the evergeen (in the background) then scurries up the fence to the birdhouse! Lucy tries so hard to catch this squirrel, but never makes it. However, she has come pretty close at times, trampling the strawberry plants in the process. Since there are no more leaves on this tree, the squirrel hasn't been so brave to cross the yard again.

November 7, 2008

Colorado Country Christmas going to be at the Denver Merchandise Mart this weekend! It's a holiday gift show and it's awesome! One year we bought everyone's gift there. I plan on doing that again. This year they are also hosting Colorado Cookin' In The Plaza! This is a bunch of local celebrity chefs, so I know there will be great food! I'll try to remember my camera...I'll definately bring an appetite.

November 5, 2008

World Of Work

Marisa took the EXPLORE test in school today. It is a mini-practice for 9th graders in preparation for the ACT test as a Senior. It asked alot of career questions. Marisa said she was most interested in finance-type jobs.

I remember taking those tests in school. I think I also scored "interested" in accounting and bookkeeping jobs. Now, I have one question: How the heck did I end up in social work then?

God has different plans...

November 4, 2008

Vote For Life

Election Day.
Pray for Life.
Vote for Life.

November 3, 2008


Marisa and I are reading Twilight. We spend about an hour each day reading together. My friends rave about this book. And, I have to say, it is awesome. And, the fact that Marisa and I are reading it together is great.

This was my second week at be home on Mondays and I love it. I was able to do laundry, bake zucchini bread, scrapbook, and chit-chat with my cousins. Then, when Marisa got home, she quickly ate and finished her homework and we went right into Twilight.

November 1, 2008

Happy All Saints' Day

Hope everyone had a safe and fun All Hallo's Eve! We had a blast! We put a fuzzy spider in the foyer and hung a scarecrow out front. The kids had to walk by the scarecrow and when we opened he door, the spider dropped on top of the kids. We gave out quite a bit of treats and hand toys, but not as much as last year. I forgot to take pictures.

Our kids put on their Nacho Libre masks that they got from Mexico last year and hooked up with a bunch of other kids. Tony had a friend spend the night. When they got back from terrorizing the neighborhood, we ordered pizzas, then Marisa and I went to bed. Tony and his friend were up until 1:00am. I had to tell them to pipe down and when I opened the door the room stunk so bad! What is that smell adolescent boys have that is so putrid?

A bit of good news, Danny's blood test came back normal. The docs want to put him in a cholesterol and potassium pill. And, he has to eat bananas. Okay, we can live with that. Oh, and Danny won first place at work for his "most scariest" costume. He was Darth Vadar. He got the mask when we went to the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. His prize was a bunch of candy, handheld toys, and a Target gift card.

So, plans for this weekend:
-clean up the Halloween stuff
-rake leaves in the backyard
-help Marisa finish her Booker T. Washington report
-entertain the kids at the mall probably
-eat Halloween candy
-spend Danny's Target gift card
-other things as the opportunity strikes

Thank you family, friends, and fellow bloggers for the prayers for Danny!