August 15, 2009

Exercising Independence

Marisa decided to pierce her lip, on her own, after we told her not to. She and her friend did this home job with a stud earring, hydrogen peroxide, and a lighter. It took place in our front yard. We are very disappointed that she did this. Now, natural consequences take over: will it get infected, how is she going to get the "real" components for a lip piercing (as we are not paying for it), what will the orthodontist say at her appointment next week, what will happen when she has gum surgery? Individuality, independence, and defiance have a price.

August 6, 2009


Marisa has her learner's permit now. We take her out in the early evenings after work. Most of the time she will drive my car, but she also likes to drive Danny's convertible...with the top down.

She THINKS this is going to be HER car when she gets full driving privleges. That remains to be seen!

August 4, 2009


Counting our blessings is as individualized as there are individuals. My blessings are many and varied from enjoying a cup of coffee in the mornings, looking into my son's blue eyes, being with my daughter when she drives the car, shopping for school clothes, to the miracle of breathing air. While I can become busy or distracted, I never stop appreciating them. Recently, I was able to share in the last Holy Communion with a patient who was actively dying. The patient's family was present. I felt so incredibly blessed to be invited to share in this intimate moment for this patient's transition from life to Eternity. For the rest of that day, I reflected on my relationship with our Lord, my family, memories of my mom, and how fortunate I am to just have life!