April 30, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I got a prescription in the mail from my OB/GYN for a dexascan for a bone density study. I've had one last year. I call the hospital to schedule it and the central booking voice told me that the doctor needed to fax the order to them before I can set up my appointment. This was 8:00am. I told them that I had the prescription in my hand with the Dx on it for insurance coverage. Oh, no...the doctor HAD to order it directly.

I called my doc's office and told the receptionist the above conversation. Well, that set her off. She told me that the hospital was being difficult and I could take that prescription anywhere else without any problem. She told me she would fax it over.

I called the hospital back about 15 minutes later. Still no order. Again, 15 minutes later. No order. I called the doc and was told they would get to it between patients. I reminded her that I was a patient, too. I called the hospital 15 minutes later. Then, again. Then, again. Then, again. (My strategy was to bug them enough to give in. After all, it wasn't MY problem. It was an issue between the doc's office and the hospital). I called again.

Finally, at 12:30pm, I was allowed to go ahead and schedule this damned dexascan. Central booking reminded me to "bring the script for the order." Are you kidding me? Whatever! I was trying to make a point, but by the time I got this thing scheduled, I kinda lost focus. I was just being passive aggressive, well okay, aggressive and bitchy.

April 29, 2008

Five-Year-Old Mother's Day Well Wishes

Each year my class makes a Mother's Day gift, of course. This year we made butterfly cards. The kids drew a picture then told a story for their moms. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Thank you, mom, for cleaning my room. I like my room clean. Thank you for giving me all my toys."

"My mom loves dishes. She loves Cheetos. My mom loves my bunk bed and mountains. She loves clouds and dolphins. I love you, Mommy-o."

"My mom loves doughnuts. The plain doughnuts. She eats them as soon as she gets home from the store. I love you, Mommy."

"My mom loves firehouses. Mommy, I love you."

"I like my mom. You are the greatest mom in the workd, country, and state. I love you. You are good. Our house is the greatest. No one wants to attack us. You like flowers."

I can't wait for the moms to open their cards! We are having a Mother's Day Tea next week. It's always so special.

Quickie updates on the homefront:
-My Boobs...........a lot of mumbo jumbo to learn they are okay (Praise God)
-My Momma.......is now in Rehab (Thank you, Jesus)
-My Dog...............is on antibiotics but still barking (Pray to St. Francis)
-My Kids..............progress reports come out tomorrow, so their fate is pending! (Hail Mary)

April 28, 2008

Call 911

My first day back at work since last Wednesday and it was a thrill. I had a child in my class have a seizure. We had to call 911 and he was whisked away to the hospital. What makes this story even more tragic is that his mommy was having surgery at the same hospital earlier today. Both are fine now, but "in the moment" it was scary. Hug your little ones, pray for them.

April 26, 2008

Just when I thought I couldn't handle any more bad news...

Danny and I took our favorite dog, Ivy, to the vet because she hasn't been acting herself. She is not eating and we can see the bones in her back, but her stomach is bloated. The vet did blood tests and x-rays ($300). At first, he thought she needed a spleenectomy (removal of the spleen). We were given the options of either an ultasound ($800) or exloratory surgery ($1500) to find out what is going on. OMG! We can barely afford groceries this month! Well, the vet called this morning. The blood tests shows some type of infection, so he gave us 10 days worth of antibiotics. Then, we can decide "how to proceed". Sigh...

We went to the Scout Show today. It was snowing and cold. When the kids were little, they LOVED going to all the booths and playing the games. This year Tony worked one of the booths. It was still fun. My favorite was going through all the food booths. I'll never change.

Marisa has a new family that she is babysitting for tonight. That makes four families she works for. $$$$ Now she can buy her own deodorant.

April 25, 2008


Confirmed! Signed, sealed, and delivered (pun intended)! Marisa is now officially a full-fledged Catholic. We are so proud of her. This was one of our dreams come true. When Marisa was born, one of the things we wanted for her, as parents, was for her to be raised Catholic. Watching her last night threw me back in time when we sat in the pews with her when she was a baby, trying to keep her quiet during the homily. Fourteen years flashed in front of my eyes. And next...it's the Tonster's turn.

April 23, 2008

Pajama Day

Next week, the middle school kids get to have a pajama day. The catch is they each have to pay a $1.00! It is a fundraiser for the P.E. department and payground equipment. If the kids want to wear pagamas, they have to buy a ticket from their homeroom teacher. If they don't have a ticket, then must wear their uniform. Interesting...

April 22, 2008

Weight Training

Today was Tony's first day in weight training. It was an hour and a half class. There are 5 other boys his age in the class. While he was in class, I was sweatin' on the treadmill. Marisa was in the gym playing basketball with a cute blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy. Then two more boys joined in and they had a game going. I brought Tony home so he could get ready for boy scouts.

I also brought some work home to do tonight. We are getting ready for Grandparent's Day at school. The kids made cards and now I'm putting them together so the kids can mail them to the grandparents that make it to the celebration.

My mom is status quo. Marisa's Confirmation is two days away. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Muah!

April 21, 2008

En el nombre de Padre, y el Hijo, y el Espiritu Santo

Today was a roller coaster of emotions. I had my mammogram today and as soon as I got to work, I got a call from the hospital to return for more diagnostic pictures and an ultrasound. My mind went into maximum overdrive at this point and I returned to the hospital in 10 minutes. Now, I have to wait until Wednesday for the results. Basically, the radiologist saw something suspicious. The ultrasound tech referred to the readings as architectural something or other.

Then, I had to return to work for medical delegation training...this is training to allow me to give kids their epipens if they have allergic reactions. I left work as soon as that was over.

Called my mom and dad. Called my BFF Jayme. Called Danny.

Then, I picked up Marisa and we went to get her shoes for Confirmation. She got the cutest shoes, but she is a sneaker girl. So, we got the shoes in MY size so I can wear them after Confirmation. We wrapped her sponsor's gift. Honestly, Marisa couldn't have chosen a better sponsor. Surprisingly, her name is Elizabeth, just like Marisa's Saint's name....St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Picked up my car from the shop. I have all-wheel drive again....just in time for nothing!

Then, I took Marisa to Confirmation rehearsal. We lucked out big time! Not only is she the first person in the row, she is in the front row. AND, half the ceremony is in Spanish. When Marisa went up to give her Saint's name, she gave her middle name and not her Saint's name. Oops! Must practice between now and Thursday.

Never fear...Dancing with the Stars is taping. Amen

April 20, 2008

Spring Cleaning...part dos

Upstairs is now clean, with the exception of the kids' rooms. They did clean a little bit. Now Danny is outside putting up 3 boy scout tents to dry them out. Where is he putting them up? In the FRONT yard. We are Garzas. We're not proud. We don't live for show, we definately keep it real!

Marisa is going to a Guitar Hero party tonight. I just don't know how to go with this teenage high schooler thing.

April 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning

All day long! All four of us! We got the main floor finished. Tomorrow is the upstairs and the basement. We treated ourselves to DQ. Danny and I didn't even bother to change clothes before we went out. Oh, well. A Blizzard is worth trooping out in your cleaning clothes.

My mom has an issue at the hospital last night. I ended up calling patient advocacy. I told them they didn't want me coming off this mountain to deal with them. Mom said she had royal treatment today. And, thank the Lord, my cousin was with her all day.

Off to take a bath and then veg on the sofa...

April 18, 2008

BMA Confessions

Yes....I posted a "Bad Mother" confession on http://www.badmothersanonymous.com/ . After reading some of the other "confessions", I feel quite pretty!

April 17, 2008

Bring It

I swear! I can't believe some people. They ask for advise or for your opinion, then get pissed off when it doesn't agree with them. Here's my two cents....DON'T PUT IT OUT THERE, DEARIE! And, either get thicker skin or get over yourself.

Now, there will be those who think this is about them? Do you really want to add vainity to your repertoire? It was probably already there to begin with.

Where is all this coming from? Remember the "soup or salad" blog entry on March 30th? Yep...she's baaaaack!

My mom is having a biopsy on her lung tomorrow. She sounded very raspy this evening. I'm lighting a candle tonight. I love you Momma!

April 16, 2008

It's Snowing...

Hard to believe since yesterday it was in the 80's! UGH! No telling what the drive to school/work will be in the morning.

My mom has been moved to the pulmonary unit. She gets tired easily, but felt better that she got to take a bath. Keep praying! It REALLY works!

Marisa went home with friends today, then attended their volleyball game. Tony hung out at the library while I had my hair done. All the while, it snowed. Danny went to the eye doctor today. He is no longer an immortal god with superman vision. He got a prescription for reading glasses. Welcome to the world of regular mortal joes with bad eyesight, Dano.

April 15, 2008

Red Robin

That's where we went for dinner. No...it is not on the South Beach diet, but who's counting? Not me. The Red Robin bird, I guess he is a "red robin" was there and so was a thousand little kids. My kids are now "big" kids and they weren't impressed. I was the only one who waved to the red robin (it's the kindergarten teacher in me). I was accused of being a dork. Okay!

My mom is not doing well today. She now has another side effect from all the antibiotics. I call her twice a day. She has told my dad not to come to the hospital because he is bugging her too much. Sigh. Please send your prayers her way.

The kids and I went to the gym after school. Tony starts his weight training program next week. The firemen were working out today. When their raido went off that there was a "possible fire at Westlake", they took off. Marisa turns to me and said, "did you hear that Mom? There's a fire at the middle school." I said to her, "yea, but did you see all those firemen take off so?" We are still a few years apart in our thinking, you think?

Speaking of which, Marisa and her friends are planning a "Guitar Hero" party. So far, I don't have to do anything or host anything. Tony is planning a paintball birthday party. Gee...what ever happened to Chuck E. Cheese or the skate rink? Guitar Hero and Paintballing! No wonder they don't get excited about the red robin. He wasn't carrying a guitar or a paintball rifle. He didn't have an iPod in his ear or a cell phone in his hand texting his other poultry friends. He wasn't wearing an oversized hoodie and cool sneakers. Heavy sigh.

April 14, 2008

Random Progress

My mom is status quo. She said today that she is finally coughing up some of the crud. Thank you for your prayers!

Did anyone watch the finale of Rock of Love II? I am glad Bret picked Ambre over Daisy. After that was over, Danny and I watched the new reality show "Viva Hollywood" about the Telemundo Novelas stars. LOL!

Tonight...Dancing with the Stars. I'm putting off the big clean I have to do for when Danny's parents come up. We have to put out the patio furniture as well among a million and one other things. Tomorrow is another day! Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow. It's only a day away.

April 12, 2008

Utter Goodness

That's the name of the brew I had at lunch at Rock Bottom. It was great! Marisa had a cherry coke made special at Rock Bottom. She and I were shopping today at the new outdoor mall called The Orchard and decided to stop off at RB for lunch. We also found her a dress for Confirmation at Macy's. Now all we need is the shoes.

I talked to my mom today. She had a bad night last night, but was feeling a bit better this afternoon. She is on triple antibiotics and steroids. She also has anti-anxiety meds on board to help her relax some. When I called, my brother and dad were there with her.

Marisa and I always enjoy our time together when the boys are gone. We watched License to Wed this evening. It was a cute movie that had alot of "The Office" staff in it.

April 11, 2008

A Mixed Bag

Last night my mom went to the hospital for the second time in a week via ambulance. Turns out she has pneumonia. She is on antibiotics and steriods. Marisa had a meltdown during her science test. She was worried about her "Granny". It's times like this that I'm glad I work at the school. Marisa was able to come to my classroom where we shared a long hug and a few tears. I sent her on her way and told her to talk with her teacher about the situation. After school, Marisa seems better. Her teacher said she could correct the test if needed and get extra credit work next week.

Danny and Tony left for their Boy Scout camping trip. I took Marisa to Blockbuster and Subway. She got a couple of movies. Then I headed out to a crop in Erie. I was able to crop last year's Sleeping with the Sharks event. Tomorrow Marisa and I are going to pick out her Confirmation dress. THAT should be interesting...

April 10, 2008

What's for Dinner?

This is what Danny asks me as I walk in the door from work. Mind you, he has been home all day waiting for his computer to be delivered. My answer was very, very simple: "Whatever you make."

April 9, 2008

Busted...Your Suspended

This happened yesterday, actually Monday afternoon. Tony and his friends were climbing on a railing at school. The first grade teacher saw them and took them to the principal's office. The principal who is retiring in 6 weeks, suspended the boys for one day because they were setting a bad example for the first graders. Needless to say, Danny and I, as well as the other parents, were pretty pissed off. We decided not to protest it because the boys could make up their work and the suspension would go on the record as an absence. So, what did the boys learns? Nothing!!! I stayed home with Tony yesterday and we went to the gym and the bank. Then we came home and I did all the laundry in the house and Tony played on his computer. We were back at school today. I received lots of verbal support from the middle school teachers and my coworkers who have kids in Tony's class. I mean, come on, of all the CRAP that is going on in the public school sector, what is the big deal about three 12-year-old boys playing on the railing? Hmmm.....I'm looking forward to summer already!

Marisa has a test tomorrow over WWII. She has a study guide that includes an essay question. The question is for her to state her opinion regarding the most important factor of the Allies defeat of the Axis powers and give two supporting facts. Good luck there, sweetie! You have alot of facts to sort through before tomorrow.

As for the diet....don't even go there.

April 7, 2008


This was a stressful day. I think the diet has alot to do with it. I'm going to just go to bed early so I won't see all those commericals about FOOD!

April 6, 2008

The Grillerator

We are finally with the times and bought a George Foreman grill. We are starting the South Beach diet. Wow! Imagine the possibilities now...

April 5, 2008

One For The Books

Yesterday Tony had a friend over, while Marisa had her first overnight "nanny" job. We took the boys to Fuddruckers (yum!). The boys were very well behaved and in Tony's room for bedtime by midnight. Good thing because today...

They all met over at Mr. Dobkins, our P.E. teacher. They helped him pull down a fence. Danny was there too. I had to attend a Child Health Laision Program meeting.

Then, we all met up at home and went to the FlatIrons Mall. Marisa bought ANOTHER pair of shoes. Tony bought a Budda from Spencers Gifts. Wish us luck...

April 4, 2008


Yesterday was a sad day for my brother and his family. Their dog, Daisy, died from a massive heart attack. It was very sudden and completely unexpected. The story is so sad it brings tears to my eyes. Apparently, it was Madison, the youngest boy that saw Daisy die. They had just gotten home and Madison opened the door to the house. The dogs came to the door to greet him (as all of our dogs do). Daisy ran up to him and just keeled over...dead. Madison's mom tried CPR (she is a vet tech), put Daisy in the car, and rushed her to the vet. There was no hope. The dog was dead. Daisy was only 7 years old. Madison just turned 11 years old over spring break.

April 3, 2008

Weather Wonders

This week at school our theme was "weather". And how lucky we were! Today alone we experienced rain, sunshine, cold, wind, snow, and sleet. The kids had a blast running to the window each time the weather changed. Our classroom weather chart was full of different weather stickers. How nice it was for the weather to accomodate our lesson plan.

On the homefront, Tony was sick with a cough and sore throat. Since he did well on his report card and scored in the college level of his ITBS tests, I let him stay home. On the other hand, Marisa, my good, solid, predictable, average student, went to school. She actually asked one of her teachers to "revisit" his detailed grading sheet and subsequently, her grade was changed...from a D+ to a good, solid, predictable, average C-. Good for Marisa! Since she didn't technically make any D's on her report card, she got her phone back. Pick your battles, right?

April 2, 2008

Respect Life

When we ask our 5-year-olds what respect life means to them, we get simple, yet profound answers. Most of the children will say that respect life means to be nice, to be kind to each other, and not squish bugs. One little girl said that respect life means “don’t kill God’s creatures.” WOW!

Throughout the school year, our class focuses on the Catholic teachings of respect life, of course. At Thanksgiving, our project asked children who or what they were thankful for. The responses were simple, yet profound. They shared that they were thankful to God who gave them their family, parents who take care of them, and grandparents who are sick or in heaven, brothers and sisters, and “the baby in mommy’s tummy”. Out of the mouth of babes! The underlying basis for the Church’s teaching is the recognition that all of life is a gift from God.

During the Advent season, our theme “Here Comes the Son” had children pray for someone or something special to them. Once again, our 5-year-olds amazed us. They prayed for poor people, sick people, people with no homes, people have already gone to heaven, and the baby in mommy’s tummy. We have a couple of mommy’s who will be having babies this spring. God Bless them!

Of course, our children also pray for their favorite food, their shoes, and their pets. But respect for life does not just mean the beginning and end of life but the full range of our human existence. We not only have the inalienable right to life but the right to a life of dignity and respect. Each one of us has a right to the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, education, employment, equality, and respect and dignity.

The Church position on life is comprehensive. The Church’s teachings embrace the totality of life from conception to natural death. We are not masters of our own destiny, but are subject to God. In Jesus Christ we have God’s universal call to salvation. God created every person and desires every person to be saved. Jesus treated all with respect and dignity. Respect life in our society means to speak on behalf of the voiceless, the defenseless, and the weak, from the unborn child to the elderly and infirmed. We must be strong and consistent in our voice. We must work to build a society based on our Catholic Christian values. So, when we ask our 5-year-olds what respect life means to them, their responses are the truth: be nice (respect), be kind to each other (dignity), and don’t kill God’s creatures (“You shall not kill”, Matthew 19:18).

April 1, 2008


Yummy! That's where we went for dinner. Then, the boys took off to Boy Scouts. Marisa and I watched Biggest Loser. I'm taping Dancing with the Stars to watch later. What a life of leisure...or a lazy life. Well, that's just today!