May 14, 2008

Ivy May Garza

This is a sad day for our family. We had to put down our 11-year-old favorite dog, Ivy. She had been sick for only a short time and declined very quickly. Yesterday she was unable to manage the steps and she would not eat at all. She wandered around in the backyard and never seemed to get comfortable. Tony stayed outside with Ivy for an hour, just the two of them. I stood at the door and cried and cried. Once Ivy came inside, Marisa laid down with her. Ivy wouldn't even hold up her head. Danny called the vet and we scheduled an appointment for her. This morning we said our final good-byes. It was so incredibly agonizing and sad. Our other dog, Lucy, has been running around the house, sniffing, looking for her friend. I miss Ivy already. (This picture was taken by Eileen Trevino. Her blog is

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  1. That is how it was for us too - a quick decline in a dog we had loved for over 11 years.
    That is a really nice picture and I hope that the good memories you and your children have of your family pet will get you through the sad times.