August 4, 2008

Who's Knockin'?

My kids just can't stay out of trouble! We had visitors at the door tonight...the Mormans. But not to do their mission work, instead to tell on "some kids that threw our books in the pond". Yea, can you believe it?

Marisa and Tony had just arrived home from running around the neighborhood with 2 other kids. They were already in trouble for being 30 minutes late. Tony had gotten into the shower. When our visitors knocked on the door, Marisa said, "don't answer it!" Well, that made me want to answer it even more.

The young gentlemen told Danny and I that 4 kids were seen around the area where their books were tossed into the pond. One of the kids had a blue cast on his arm....that would be MITCH. We got Tony out of the shower and he fessed up that Mitch threw the books in the pond. Marisa still hem-hawed around and wouldn't give it up. I told her to get Mitch on the phone and tell him to come over.

To show just how obtuse Mitch is...he came over! Long story short, Mitch fessed up to the deed. I let everyone have it and forbade my kids from hanging around Mitch (I'm saying 'Mitch' like Jerry Sienfeld used to say 'Newman').

I learned later that the books were not religious in nature at all, they were fundraiser coupon books. Blockheads!

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