August 12, 2008

Back To The Old Grindstone

Danny picked me up at the airport and we made it home by 9:30pm. The house was clean...yes, clean I said. They did a good job cleaning up for me. Today, it was back to our routine. I left a laundry list of things for the kids to do while Danny and I were at work. One was for Marisa to start dinner. It was so nice to come home today and have the laundry done, literally, and dinner started. I could really get used to this!

Here is a picture of part of Marisa's student ID. I edited out the barcode and such. I can't believe my baby girl is in high school. We bought her academic books online so she won't have to cart them home everyday. The school issued ones will stay at school and she will have a complete set at home. This is a good deal for us because 1) Tony will use them next year, and 2) no excuse about leaving the book at school.

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