August 16, 2008

And The Rain Came Tumbling Down

And this is what the pond by our house looks like!

You can see where the sidewalk dips underwater. Look at the park bench!

The clouds are perfectly reflected in the water.

Cute little duck family.

My kids up on the hill. They got into trouble yesterday, so they are not happy right now.

Neighborhood kids jumped on the bench and now they can't figure out how to get off it.

We had a ton of rain and cool weather, so today we all slept until 11:00am. Oh, yea, it snowed in the high country! After a breakfast of good ole' pancakes, we headed out to Sam's to restock our cupboards and refrigerator. I'm embarrassed to tell that we got out of Sam's with $577 worth of food and supplies. Of course, the kids were in heaven and drooling over the food in the baskets. Once we got home, Danny and I divided up the meats and poultry into supper-sized servings and stored them in the deep freezer. Marisa's job was to take the canned goods to storage in the basement, move the older cans up front, and stock the newer cans in the back. Tony was to refill the cereal containers and put the beverages and paper goods away. We bought a 25 lb. bag of flour, so Danny had Marisa help him divide up the flour into 5-5 lb. storage bags. I had forgotten what an undertaking it was to restock. When we finished, we took a walk to the park in the nice cool, clean, crisp Colorado afternoon.


  1. We are so ready for the warmer weather here. Which months are cold in Colerado? Do you have snow?

    We should have warm days starting in September here. Usually by the end of September it is warm enough for the children to wear summer clothes again.

  2. It starts getting cold here in September and goes through April, but typically our last snow is around Mother's Day in May. A couple of years ago, we've started off the school year under snow.