August 9, 2008

Are You A Cheater?

No...I'm not talking a cheater like Senator John Edwards (or Senators Gary Hart or Ted Kennedy, or President Clinton...hmmm, what party do they belong to?). I'm talking about short-cuttin' cheaters. Okay, I will probably need to go to confession.

I cheated! Here's my story and I'm stickin' to it:

I went to Wishes & Dreams this morning. I am like a bulldog, I had to get those Dee Jay candles. I was too early to the store, it wasn't open yet. Now, I'm driving my Dadddy's luxurious red Cadillac AKA the Land Yacht. Yes, there is a handicap sticker. See where this is going?

I decided to waste a few minutes, so I drove to Starbucks. I know, no need to tell me! The parking lot was full, well almost full. When I drive my Daddy's luxurious red Cadillac AKA Land Yacht, I take the handicap sticker down because it obstructs my view. So when I parked in the handicap parking lot, I got a few looks. I hunted down the sticker and put it on the rearview mirror. I'm still getting "looks", so when I open the car door, I gimped around a bit. SORRY! I even limped a bit up the side walk. If I fooled anyone at all, it was all lost when I ordered the venti Caramel Frappicino. I know! Confessional here I come! I think I skipped back to the car because it was after 10am and Wishes & Dreams was open now.

For good measure, I left the handicap sticker up on the rearview mirror.


  1. That's funny. There should be rules that we can use those spots when all the others are taken but with a time limit. Then maybe no one would have stared so much at you.

  2. My mother has a handicapped sticker and last time we drove her in Adelaide Steve loved having it. We could park really close to the doors. Steve wanted to bring it home.