August 20, 2008

A New Rule

Day 2 of school and we have a new rule for Marisa to follow. She is allowed to give girls her cell phone number, but boys have to call our home number only. Day 2 of school and Marisa has met new people, of course. Day 2 of school and Marisa has signed up to participate in the Art Club and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). Day 2 of school and Marisa attended a student council activity meeting. Day 2 of school and I've heard of several new "friends", most of which are boys. Let's see...there's Demetri, Joshua, Austin. Okay, when I picked Marisa up from activity night, she was hanging out with Demetri. Heavy, heavy sigh....

As for Tony...he was eating lunch with this entire 8th grade class, including a couple of girls. But for recess, he and his knuckle-headed friends pulled leaves off the tree, ran to the fence when the trash truck drove by trying to get the trashman to honk the horn, and twirled around the basketball hoop.

What will tomorrow bring?

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