August 5, 2008

Don't Forget The Crisps

...that would be the Tropical Crisps for the fish, Danny's other hobby second to Everquest. I didn't get a good picture of all the fish because they were in a bloodworm-induced coma from the frozen bloodworm treat they just ate. We keep the bloodworms and brine in the freezer. I know! But, this is their favorite meal, according to the fish tank keeper. The fish love the Tropical Crisps. Emphasis on "Crisps". I've been told multiple times to make sure and get the "Crisps". Have you ever smelled the "Crisps"? Totally gross! I know!
The fish do love them based on the frenzy in the tank when they are fed the "Crisps". But what really grosses me out is when I find a live earthworm bowl in the fridge because Danny is "goin' fishin'" on one of his Boy Scout camping trips. I know!

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