August 19, 2008

Photo Diary Of The First Day of School '08-'09

Behind this door is a teenage high school girl about to get up for the first day of school. The time is 5:45am mountain time. Class starts at 7:15am. (Obviously, we let her decorate her door as she likes. Yes, the hot glue gun was used often.) Ready?
Rise and shine! Hello?'s time to get up!
WHAT TIME IS IT? Did I get any texts during the night? What day is it?
This is typical. The dog gets a hug every morning. Today is no different. Sometimes it's hard to tell where Marisa's hair ends and Lucy's hair begins.
Progress! I don't think she is completely awake.
There we go, better! Marisa SEEMS excited about her first day of high school.
Alright, something happened. Now, she doesn't look so sure. But, hey, check out the ride for the first day of school. She gets to go in the convertible with Big Daddy.
Hi there, Hollywood! You look so preppy. What's that you're having for breakfast? Dump cake cobbler and milk. Breakfast of trouble-making champions. Muah!
In the end, everyone had a great day! Tony stayed out of trouble and didn't get suspended. Marisa had a blast, but never made it to her locker. While Tony and Danny went off to Boy Scouts this evening, Marisa and I hit Staples for last minute school supplies. Shhh...we snuck off to Wendy's for dinner and to play with her new miniature stapler, hole punch, and pencil sharpener.

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