August 2, 2008

My Self-Imposed "Time Out"

Sorry there was not a post yesterday, but I decided to take a self-imposed time out. The day started off well. I went to Mass. I love Friday morning Mass. It's when we take the ELC kids. There's nothing cuter than watching a 3- or 4-year-old make praying hands and follow the prayers. Anyway, after Mass it all went down hill at work. Enough said about THAT!

It was over 100 degrees here in Colorado, a record setting heat. The kids were off at the gym swimming. Danny was on the guitar, so I decided to SPA myself. I got everything ready, lit a candle, poured a tall glass of iced tea, ran a bath, turned on the iTunes from the computer, switched off the lights, and eased into a nice cool bubble bath. It was so refreshing. Then, I remembered my blog and yelled for Danny to bring me my camera. (Hence, the photo. These are BeautiControl products. I made the bracelet myself.)

I soaked until I was pruned. It was getting dark. The kids came home hungry, so my self-imposed time out, my SPA, my solitude was over. They watched a movie and I ended up making Tony a steak-um sandwich and Marisa got grilled cheese.

This morning everyone is still asleep, but we have a full day scheduled: go to the farmer's market, get waxed, buy school supplies and clothes, do laundry (oh, yea... I have a Garza-made clothes line now), and stay cool. I might even put myself in time out again after everything settles down.

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