August 3, 2008

After The Pancakes

Early, early this morning I woke up Danny. It was his Knights of Columbus team's turn to run the pancake breakfast at church. After I woke up Danny, I woke up the kids because we were going to the early, early Mass. I had plans for the day! Following Mass, the kids and I went to the pancake breakfast, ate, and visited with Danny. When the kids and I got home...

Tony and I mowed the backyard. Actually, Tony started off mowing the backyard, but had a freak attack because there were bees all around the plants. So, I finished up the yard and sent Tony inside to do a "clean sweep" on his room. (BTW...remember the hammock? It's still in his room and so is the mattress. Hmm...) Anyway, I finished mowing and called Marisa to help weed. She started off pretty good.
Then, the pine needles started sticking her fingers. Now, I did offer her gardening gloves, but I guess gardening gloves are not cool. And, let's not forget the iTouch. It is necesary to have the right tunes while sitting on rocks and pine needles, pulling weeding.

But for Heaven's sake, she might not have stuck her fingers at all if she could have seen through the bangs.

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  1. I was happy not to have to mow when I got home... High 5