August 8, 2008

Home Again in my Texas home where I grew up. I arrived last night at 7:15pm and the temperature was hovering at 102F. I couldn't take a deep breath! Sometimes I wonder how I grew up here. Anyway, my brother picked me up at the airport. After stopping at Loews for a new shower head and good ole' Taco Bueno (see we don't have Taco Bueno in Colorado, so I must indulge!), we headed home to Mom 'n 'ems (translation...Mom and thems...Mom and Dad's house).

I was surprised! Mom was looking good! She was dressed and walking around, cuttin' up, smiling. Dad was off having dinner with some of his old school buddies. He arrived home about 30 minutes later, tired and with a leftover box from Red Lobster. Although he was tired, he looked good. And, another surprise...the house was a perfect 78F degrees both upstairs and downstairs. The new air con is working great!

So, what's in store for me today? I'm Mom's personal taxi. We're heading off to the hair dresser, then on to the doctor so Mom can get one of those nasty mammograms. I'm going to run by my favorite place: Green's Produce for fresh fruits and veggies. After I'm done with taxi-ing Mom around, I'm going to Wishes and Dreams to load up on DeeJay's candles. Later alligator....

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  1. I know! It is SO hard!!!

    I hate the heat! I am allergic to Texas!