July 19, 2008

Prescription For A Happy Day

Each Day...
by Tony Garza
Whittled March 2004

1. Tell someone that you love or care about him or her.
2. Do something for fun.
3. Do something nice for someone else.
4. Do something nice for yourself.
5. Do something good for your mind.
6. Do something good for your body.
7. Think about something good that has happened to you today.
8. Pat yourself on the back for something that you did today that you're proud of.

Who raised this kid? Someone did something right, thank you very much. I really miss Danny and Tony. I usually dread the guys coming home from a week long camping trip with 2 large foot lockers of wet, dirty, smelly, nasty clothes and gear, but this time I'm really looking forward to them being home. God Bless...

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