July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom is 76 years old today! She was in such a good mood when I called. She has been feeling so strong that she has made it her goal to "graduate from hospice". Hear, hear! I'm all for that. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, food, cards and letters, flowers, gifts, company, shoulders to cry on, taxi service, pedicures (Ms. J), e-mails and phone calls, and general well-wishes. It's truly a wonderful feeling knowing you all care. Thanks!

This summer has been such as stressful season for my family. With mom going into hospice and my dad's mystery anemia problem, our family has truly been tested. With that said, our family has definitely "circled the wagons", so to speak. We did the same last summer when Marisa had her surgery. My brother and nephews, our cousins, our church community, our family friends (you really know who your friends are at times like these, that's for sure!), our extended families, my co-workers, and even my BFFs from high school have been supportive and compassionate. By the grace of God, the wagons are moving again, eagerly looking forward. Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you!

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  1. Tell your mom Happy Birthday from the blogosphere!!