July 24, 2008

Jumanji's Playground

Yea, it's a lot to take in, I know. Some folks are obsessed with a perfectly manicured yard, like it's a status symbol of some sort or neighborly competition. But, hey, Danny went camping for a week and I have asthma attacks when I actually mow. However, I love the smell of fresh cut grass! Go figure...

This is why our Dish service goes out (see the Dish on the side of the house?) I promise, this monster ivy is from one, I said ONE, tiny pot from Home Depot last year. Now look, it's bumble bee heaven!

And, look at our poor freestanding front-loading outdoor fireplace with a bulbous body and a usu. We drove this specially selected chimenea from Mexico. It's now topped with the water trap from a pink plastic flower pot. The plan was to clean up the backyard yesterday, then it rained. So, tonight's the night, maybe.

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