July 5, 2008

A Down Day

We kept it simple today. We went to see Hancock with our AMC gift card and free movie pass. I'm a fan of Will Smith summer block busters. This one was a bit different, but I liked it okay anyway.

The kids are outside playing basketball. The dog is outside with them. I'm sure she (the dog) will come in stinky. I started on book number 6 for my summer reading and made rice krispy treats to snack on. Reese's Pieces are my favorite, but we are on a budget.

My Dad is in a regular room at the hospital and scheduled for discharge Tuesday/Wednesday. Mom fell last night trying to turn off the lights. She's okay, but I am feeling terrible that I can't be with them 24/7 during this difficult time. Any suggestions on how to deal with ailing parents while living 800 miles from them are appreciated!!

Ugh! The kids just let the dog in, then took off on bikes. I swear...

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  1. I was thinking about going to see Hancock. I love Will Smith too. Great actor!