July 30, 2008

A New Experience

Remember the post about Marisa getting on the bus? Well, she didn't get on the bus, but she did make it to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder with her friend (her friend's mother drove them). Her friend met other friends there and they "chilled" in front of the courthouse. Picture this...a college campus in between classes and "kids" are hanging out on the lawn of the community center. Yea, that's what I thought.

I got a text from Marisa asking me to pick her up because the friends were going to "the creek" to "chill". Marisa didn't have anyone to ride the bus home with her and she was told by us to stay on Pearl Street. Mind you that Boulder is FULL of college students and other colorful folks "chillin'" everywhere. So, I left work at 3:30pm and drove like a mad woman to Boulder and rescue my kid.

I called Danny and told him about Marisa's text. He rounded up Tony and headed out to Boulder also. (Not a good idea to mess with a Garza kid). I arrived and Marisa guided me, via phone, to where everyone was "chillin'". I meet the friends and they were all respectful, but looked like pierced rag dolls...meaning that a couple had facial piercings. I inquired about "the creek". It was actually the amphetheater by the Boulder Tea House. I put myself out on a limb and told Marisa she could go if she wanted or she could wait for her Dad and we could go eat dinner at the The Cheesecake Factory. She chose the later (Thank you, Lord). I offered to take the friend back home, but she declined stating that she was going to stay for a concert (this was the first I heard of a concert).

Marisa talked non-stop about the experience. Danny and Tony arrived and we did in fact go to The Cheesecake Factory. We let Marisa talk and talk and process and talk some more. Danny and I interjected the phrase, "do the right thing even if you stand alone" a couple of times. We praised Marisa for following our instructions and for calling us when she felt in too deep. Finally, our last words were very parental...even though these friends attend the 40th top school in the nation, we told her that we thought these friends were too far off the bubble for us. Will Marisa listen? I think so.

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