July 22, 2008

Oops! I Did It Again!

I've double booked! I really have to not only charge my Palm Pilot, I must remember to use my Palm Pilot...that means I must take it with me everywhere!

Great news! My mom drove the car today. Now, mind you, she has a portable oxygen tank she has to wrangle. First, Mom and Dad wobbled their way to the white Cadillac, but the battery was dead, so they weebled their way back inside the house to "rest". Then, they wobbled out to the red Cadillac, and Dad drove to the pharmacy. Dad went into the pharmacy while Mom switched places, then Mom drove home!

The array of feelings that I experienced upon hearing this was: first, "OMG!". Second, after I used my inhaler and calmed down, "Thank you, Lord!". Third, after a tall glass of iced tea, "Good for them!". Fourth...I blogged it.

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