June 1, 2008

Lucy Girl Has A New Purpose

Marisa and I figured out Lucy's new purpose! She is a messenger dog. When I'm upstairs and Marisa is downstairs and I want a coke, all I have to do is write a message on note paper, put it in Lucy's collar and yell to Marisa to call the dog. Lucy takes off running downstairs. Then, Marisa retrieves the note and brings me a coke! Yea...we are bored stiff.

Or...we are super tired from the party yesterday. The boys came upstairs to Tony's room at midnight, but giggled, farted, burped, wrestled, and banged on the walls until 2am. That's five boys in one room. UGH! When I smelled cologne, I knocked on the door and told them to settle down. I asked why it smelled like cologne and the reply from "the room" was that it stunk. I guess I could have sent a note in with Lucy, but I told them to open the window and go to bed. I learned this morning that the last boy to fall asleep did so at 4am.

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