June 26, 2008

Another Answered Prayer

Dad had surgery today and he came through with flying colors depsite all the "mishaps". Here's what I mean by "mishaps". He was scheduled to have this procedure at 7:30am at the day clinic. No...didn't happen. It was rescheduled for 2:00pm at the hospital. This was due to the concern for his anemia/heart/myasthenia gravis. So, we head up to the hospital at noon since they like you there so early. He had his blood cross-typed and matched and had an EKG. We go to the 3rd floor (this is important for later). Instead of an IV drip in his hand, he has a power port and wants the IV drip through the port. Well....the nurse had to get some supplies for it, meaning we had to wait more. Then, the doctor was running late and the surgery was scheduled to go at 3:30pm.

Dad asked me to go to the pharmacy and get the prescriptions filled instead of waiting until after the surgery. I did. While I was gone he went off to surgery. Dang! Next, the surgery was supposed to be about an hour and a half. Two hours later I was waiting in his room. Then over the loud speaker I hear...."Code Blue 3rd floor OR. Code Blue 3rd floor OR". My heart started racing, I was getting hot, I couldn't hear, I was almost in a panic. I calmed myself enough to go ask to the desk. No one was there. I immediately call my brother and tell him. He was cool about it and told me that there are several ORs on the 3rd floor.

I go to the desk again and there are nurses there this time. I ask for my Dad and they said that he will be going to the 4th floor. They helped me gather his stuff and upstairs I went. Heavy sigh. It's now 5:45pm. The doctor finds me to tell me that he was okay and the procedure will probably alleviate several of his other problems as well (the blocked tear duct, anemia, migraines). At 6:00pm I can go see him. He is drugged out of his mind of course, but talkative and wants to get out of there! At 8:10pm, I FINALLY get to help him get dressed to go home. We get home and he wants a diet coke, chicken nuggets, cheese and crackers, a bag of ice, and his pain pill.

He is settled in for the night. I wish I had a sleeping pill! Oh...Jase stayed with Mom because she was going crazy WAITING. Mom said Marisa and Tony were great helpers today. Another answered prayer....

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  1. Well I am glad your fathers surgery went well but I think if I was waiting for someone to come out of theatre and they had an emergency, my heart would have been on the floor too.

    Prayers for your fathers recovery.