June 8, 2008

Wedding Day

Jim & Ruth's Wedding Day March 17, 1957

Here is my mom and dad on their wedding day...51 years ago! I think they are beautiful and handsome beyond words, not to mention happy. Today, when I was getting lunch ready, I heard them call each other "baby" and "darling". They didn't know I was listening. But, this time, I wasn't crying my eyes out, I was smiling.

My brother is here with us now. The four of us, our original nuclear family, has spend 4 straight days together now. We have eaten at the family table together, watched television together, made decisions together, and just enjoyed each other's company. We went gone through "important papers" today...that was a chore because Mom is the original poster woman for "PACK RAT". She made a list of those who she wants to write thank you cards. She was concerned because she couldn't write her name. I told her that I could write the cards for her and change hands to sign her name. She chuckled at that and said, "yea, I guess that's okay."

Here's my "thank you": Thanks with all my heart to all who have expressed concern, well wishes, and prayers. I'm not one to solicit attention or request too much, but now is the time. Thank you all so very much for all the personal touches in your support. Please pray for strength and acceptance. Plese pray for love and hope. Please pray for peace and God's blessings.

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