June 22, 2008

On The Road Again

Tomorrow I leave for Texas again. This time it's a road trip with my 2 teenage youngins. Tony just got back from his rafting trip, all tuckered out and cranky with a duffle bag full of stinky, wet boy clothes. Marisa is busy downloading movies to her iTouch so she won't be "bored" in the car. Both are taking their summer reading books. Marisa is reading Of Mice And Men. Tony is reading Robinson Crusoe. I've got most of my stuff packed. I've even orgained my scrapbook power layout box just in case I can scrapbook this time. I am planning on scrapbooking my parents 50th anniversary pictures for my mom.

How is my mom doing you ask? Well, she has her good days and bad days. From what I can tell when I talk with her, she is walking around more, which is a good thing. She reports that she is sleeping better. Her appetite is still stong. Most of all, her spirits are high. I thank God daily and continue praying for more of these "good days".

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope your trip goes well, and your mom continues to recover. I do love the picture of her in your header......it's so sweet. What a memorable picture. :)