June 9, 2008

Mindless Over Matter

Today Mom had visits from lots of nice people. I could tell she brightened up as she talked with each visitor. This warmed my heart. My BFF Jayme picked me up and we had lunch at Abuelo's. As I was going out the door, Mom shouted to get her a spinach enchilada and an avocado enchilada. Another heart warming moment, Mom was hungry! After lunch, Mom took a bath. I helped her wash her hair and I dried it for her. She picked out her favorite night gown to wear. She is set for the evening. I pray she SLEEPS tonight!

Of course, I've already told Daddy that his shift was during the Bachelorette. I got the blankess stare. He said, "you know your momma and I don't watch that stuff."

"Yep," I said, "I know that, but I do. I need that mindless entertainment."

He turned back to the television and pressed play on the TiVo. He went back to watching "General Hospital". I didn't say it, but I thought...."yes, you do, too!"

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