June 17, 2008

The Right Stuff

'Member watching those movies where the heroes come walking in full force and you find yourself saying..."oh, yea, they're gonna kick some a** now"? Like in the movie The Right Stuff, all those astronauts strolling out of the hanger. Or, the movies where the underdogs "aren't gonna take it anymore" and they are walking in slow motion to confront their bullies? Well...

That's the impression or the picture that came to my mind when I picked up Marisa from Golf Camp today. No...nothing like Caddy Shack (but that is funny now). I watched 7 teenage golfers: 5 boys and 2 girls, walk from the greens, down the cart path, and out front of the club house with their bags on their shoulders, walking side by side, all red faced from the heat, awaiting their mommas to pick them up from camp. All of a sudden, I got tunnel vision and a bit faint. How could my baby girl be old enough to carry her own golf bag, much less be in Golf Camp for the high school team? Heavy sigh.

Then, back at home, I hear a loud knock on the door and I find two teenage boys (both kinda cute for skateboardin' punks). At first, I thought they would be asking for Marisa, but to my surprise, they ask for Tony. Simultaneously, here comes Tony bounding down the stairs with his skate board in hand saying, "I'm going out, Mom." All I could muster from my lips (tunnel vision and light-headedness will do that to a 40+ momma) was, "okay, take your cell phone and house key." Heavy, heavy sigh.

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