June 29, 2008

Rain Catchers

Mom loves to feed the plants with rain water. Rain catchers are not cheap to come by, unless you are my Mom. She uses 4 types of buckets/jugs. The first set of rain catchers are pink in color. Their alternative uses ar as a bed or wash pan from the hospital. We have MANY of these. The second rain catcher is an empty plastic dog food box. The first step is to strategically place the catchers unde the edge of the porch cover to get the biggest drips.

The next step is to retrieve the remaining 2 rain catcher jugs. These consist of old milk jugs and the pink drinking pitchers (also confiscated from the hospital. We have about 40 of these). It is imperative to keep the caps from the milk jugs. After the rain has abated, secure the pink hospital picther and dip it in the bed/wash pans. Then, carefully pour the water into the milk jug and recap it. Easy!

Here are a couple of results from using rain water from the rain catchers. Nice green, lush plants. These bad boys are watered once a week. They are indoor plants, but the outdoor plants on the porch get rain-watered, too.

This ivy on the Sparkletts water dispenser has quite the best position. Many folks think that Mom waters her plants from the Sparkletts water. NOPE! That water is for drinking. Since the rain catchers are a la natural and tend grow a few extra vitameatavegamins, hence the earthy greens on the inside of the jugs, some visitors are taken aback by the jugs when the rain water makes its entrance into the house for waterting time. But, the results are beautiful!



  1. Great idea! Love your family photos. I can so "hear" you voice through your entertaining writing.

  2. Thanks! My son tells me that I sound like his Granny after we visit. Mom has been catchin' rain for years this way. Blessings...