June 28, 2008

Hotty Mommies (Dare I Say From The '80's)

Tony owes me five bucks! I told him I used to tan good AND I used to be skinny. I didn't have any problem showin' off this Hawaiian Luau Hula Skirt with coordinating Hibiscus print top and matching flowery hair clip. I believe I was thin for about 15 minutes. Then I'm sure I drove to the nearest 7-11 for a large Slurpee and a bag of White Cheddar Popcorn. Once those were consumed, I was back outside under the bright sunlight slathered in pure Johnson & Johnson baby oil to get that nice "healthy" sunkissed glow. I didn't know that in about twenty years I would be visiting a dermatologist for sundamaged skin or a physician for dietary advice due to over eating. But hey, aren't I still hot in this photo?

Here's Mom posing in front of her Firebird. What? Is that an emphyzema stick in her hand? Don't you know those things cause hospice to visit some twenty odd years later? It causes a chronic lung disease characterized by progressive, irreversible expansion of the alveoli with eventual destruction of alveolar tissue, causing obstruction to airflow. Patients with emphysema often have labored breathing, wheezing, chronic fatigue, and increased susceptibility to infection, and may require oxygen therapy. But hey, isn't Mom still hot in this photo?


  1. I think I have several pictures like this too! I haven't seen below an XL in the last 7 years. But I was hot when I got married! Ah well.

  2. LOL! My husband tells me I was “small” when we got married, too. Honestly, I don’t remember! Thanks for visiting!