April 3, 2008

Weather Wonders

This week at school our theme was "weather". And how lucky we were! Today alone we experienced rain, sunshine, cold, wind, snow, and sleet. The kids had a blast running to the window each time the weather changed. Our classroom weather chart was full of different weather stickers. How nice it was for the weather to accomodate our lesson plan.

On the homefront, Tony was sick with a cough and sore throat. Since he did well on his report card and scored in the college level of his ITBS tests, I let him stay home. On the other hand, Marisa, my good, solid, predictable, average student, went to school. She actually asked one of her teachers to "revisit" his detailed grading sheet and subsequently, her grade was changed...from a D+ to a good, solid, predictable, average C-. Good for Marisa! Since she didn't technically make any D's on her report card, she got her phone back. Pick your battles, right?

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