April 15, 2008

Red Robin

That's where we went for dinner. No...it is not on the South Beach diet, but who's counting? Not me. The Red Robin bird, I guess he is a "red robin" was there and so was a thousand little kids. My kids are now "big" kids and they weren't impressed. I was the only one who waved to the red robin (it's the kindergarten teacher in me). I was accused of being a dork. Okay!

My mom is not doing well today. She now has another side effect from all the antibiotics. I call her twice a day. She has told my dad not to come to the hospital because he is bugging her too much. Sigh. Please send your prayers her way.

The kids and I went to the gym after school. Tony starts his weight training program next week. The firemen were working out today. When their raido went off that there was a "possible fire at Westlake", they took off. Marisa turns to me and said, "did you hear that Mom? There's a fire at the middle school." I said to her, "yea, but did you see all those firemen take off so?" We are still a few years apart in our thinking, you think?

Speaking of which, Marisa and her friends are planning a "Guitar Hero" party. So far, I don't have to do anything or host anything. Tony is planning a paintball birthday party. Gee...what ever happened to Chuck E. Cheese or the skate rink? Guitar Hero and Paintballing! No wonder they don't get excited about the red robin. He wasn't carrying a guitar or a paintball rifle. He didn't have an iPod in his ear or a cell phone in his hand texting his other poultry friends. He wasn't wearing an oversized hoodie and cool sneakers. Heavy sigh.

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  1. I just asked my 10 year old if his teacher would like a gift card to Chuck E Cheese. He looked confused and wanted to know why anyone would go there. I guess he can't remember back a year or two.