April 30, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I got a prescription in the mail from my OB/GYN for a dexascan for a bone density study. I've had one last year. I call the hospital to schedule it and the central booking voice told me that the doctor needed to fax the order to them before I can set up my appointment. This was 8:00am. I told them that I had the prescription in my hand with the Dx on it for insurance coverage. Oh, no...the doctor HAD to order it directly.

I called my doc's office and told the receptionist the above conversation. Well, that set her off. She told me that the hospital was being difficult and I could take that prescription anywhere else without any problem. She told me she would fax it over.

I called the hospital back about 15 minutes later. Still no order. Again, 15 minutes later. No order. I called the doc and was told they would get to it between patients. I reminded her that I was a patient, too. I called the hospital 15 minutes later. Then, again. Then, again. Then, again. (My strategy was to bug them enough to give in. After all, it wasn't MY problem. It was an issue between the doc's office and the hospital). I called again.

Finally, at 12:30pm, I was allowed to go ahead and schedule this damned dexascan. Central booking reminded me to "bring the script for the order." Are you kidding me? Whatever! I was trying to make a point, but by the time I got this thing scheduled, I kinda lost focus. I was just being passive aggressive, well okay, aggressive and bitchy.

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