April 9, 2008

Busted...Your Suspended

This happened yesterday, actually Monday afternoon. Tony and his friends were climbing on a railing at school. The first grade teacher saw them and took them to the principal's office. The principal who is retiring in 6 weeks, suspended the boys for one day because they were setting a bad example for the first graders. Needless to say, Danny and I, as well as the other parents, were pretty pissed off. We decided not to protest it because the boys could make up their work and the suspension would go on the record as an absence. So, what did the boys learns? Nothing!!! I stayed home with Tony yesterday and we went to the gym and the bank. Then we came home and I did all the laundry in the house and Tony played on his computer. We were back at school today. I received lots of verbal support from the middle school teachers and my coworkers who have kids in Tony's class. I mean, come on, of all the CRAP that is going on in the public school sector, what is the big deal about three 12-year-old boys playing on the railing? Hmmm.....I'm looking forward to summer already!

Marisa has a test tomorrow over WWII. She has a study guide that includes an essay question. The question is for her to state her opinion regarding the most important factor of the Allies defeat of the Axis powers and give two supporting facts. Good luck there, sweetie! You have alot of facts to sort through before tomorrow.

As for the diet....don't even go there.

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