April 26, 2008

Just when I thought I couldn't handle any more bad news...

Danny and I took our favorite dog, Ivy, to the vet because she hasn't been acting herself. She is not eating and we can see the bones in her back, but her stomach is bloated. The vet did blood tests and x-rays ($300). At first, he thought she needed a spleenectomy (removal of the spleen). We were given the options of either an ultasound ($800) or exloratory surgery ($1500) to find out what is going on. OMG! We can barely afford groceries this month! Well, the vet called this morning. The blood tests shows some type of infection, so he gave us 10 days worth of antibiotics. Then, we can decide "how to proceed". Sigh...

We went to the Scout Show today. It was snowing and cold. When the kids were little, they LOVED going to all the booths and playing the games. This year Tony worked one of the booths. It was still fun. My favorite was going through all the food booths. I'll never change.

Marisa has a new family that she is babysitting for tonight. That makes four families she works for. $$$$ Now she can buy her own deodorant.

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