April 29, 2008

Five-Year-Old Mother's Day Well Wishes

Each year my class makes a Mother's Day gift, of course. This year we made butterfly cards. The kids drew a picture then told a story for their moms. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Thank you, mom, for cleaning my room. I like my room clean. Thank you for giving me all my toys."

"My mom loves dishes. She loves Cheetos. My mom loves my bunk bed and mountains. She loves clouds and dolphins. I love you, Mommy-o."

"My mom loves doughnuts. The plain doughnuts. She eats them as soon as she gets home from the store. I love you, Mommy."

"My mom loves firehouses. Mommy, I love you."

"I like my mom. You are the greatest mom in the workd, country, and state. I love you. You are good. Our house is the greatest. No one wants to attack us. You like flowers."

I can't wait for the moms to open their cards! We are having a Mother's Day Tea next week. It's always so special.

Quickie updates on the homefront:
-My Boobs...........a lot of mumbo jumbo to learn they are okay (Praise God)
-My Momma.......is now in Rehab (Thank you, Jesus)
-My Dog...............is on antibiotics but still barking (Pray to St. Francis)
-My Kids..............progress reports come out tomorrow, so their fate is pending! (Hail Mary)

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