March 29, 2008

More Cowbell

I wanted to get some of my scrapbook pages loaded to share. And, I did it! Albeit, some of the pages are blurry because I had a difficult time balancing on the rung of two bar stools while holding the camera. First, I had to take the pages out of the plastic protective sleeves because they were causing a flash in the middle of the page. Then, I had to put the sleeves back on. This was a challenge, so next time, I'll take pictures BEFORE they are finished and tucked away.

I wanted to name the picture grouping something catchy, but our family has heard "Garza's On Rocks" and "Growing Up Garza" ad nauseam (to a sickening degree). So, in keeping with the style of the blog name, I went with GarzaCrops. I actually got a compliment from Danny. Now, to be fair, Marisa helped with my play list. She likes the '80's classics, so she was naming off the groups. When we were going through the play list, I wanted more "guitar" (kind of like that Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken...."more cowbell"...remember that? It was hilarious). She would say, "Mom, pick that one." I would say, "No, I want more guitar". Nonetheless, I am pleased. Click HERE for more cowbell!

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