March 26, 2008

Back In Colorado

We got home in record time...12 hours flat! Thanks Joe for all the snacks. We didn't have to stop to eat, we just ate non-stop. I started snacking on the ranger cookies at 4:27am. The second cookie was at 4:35am. The third one was 4:52am. I decided to stop eating them at that point, otherwise they would be all gone by 8:43am. Turns out that I have 2 left now. They will be good with some Chai Tea tonight.

The kids were nice enough to unload the car for me. So, now all I have to do it unpack the bags and put in the first of many loads of laundry. Danny worked from home today, so he will make dinner. My guess is either pizza or chinese. Oh well, such is the life. He was really excited about the new golf clubs Marisa got from my parents. I think there is a tee time already set for tomorrow. That's fine. I have to clean house, take the dogs to the groomers, and pay bills. Yes, such is the life.

I've decided to scrapbook my pictures, then take a picture of the page and just upload the entire page. It's better than one picture at a time. At least I'll give it a go and see how "better" it really is.

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