March 21, 2008

On The Road Again

We left Broomfield at 12:30pm and arrived at my parents at 1:45am, so we made great time. The nice part is that I only used 38 gallons of gas! Marisa talked almost the entire trip and Tony was plugged into the computer. When we stopped to get gas, Tony insisted on buying a lottery ticket. He got a $5 ticket and didn't win anything. As he put it....Mom, I ALMOST won!

Marisa has a tee time with her Papa. Tony is outside skateboarding already. He was upset earlier today because it "accidently" changed the lock code on his phone and now he can't unlock it. Hmmm.... I hate it when that happens. Now, I have to find a Sprint store to get the phone unlocked.

I'm going to make my standard Wishes and Dreams, to the Half Price Book Store, to Candlelight Inn, to the Red Oven Bakery, and the best part, to meet up with Jayme and Linda!!!

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