March 22, 2008

Some People's Kids

I swear! What is up with kids these days? Are they spoiled rotten? What makes for disrespectful, surly, smart mouthed kids? Where is this coming from? Well, today, my kids and their cousins were outside playing. One of them comes into the house saying that some neighbor kids were shooting air guns at them. So, my brother and I sneak out the front door and catch these houligans in the act. We tell them to leave the property and they mouth off at us. We finally run them off only for them to come back and ding dong ditch my elderly parents. Ok, there are 6 neighborhood kids and 2 elderly people. My dad goes outside and tells them to get lost and they mouth off to him. My dad whips out the cell phone to call the police, but I do one better and tell the kids to escort me to their house so I can talk with their parents. Well, they leave, oh so nonchalantly, sashaying down the street. UGH!

Besides this incident, we had a really great day. My nephews spent the night and they all had so much fun together. As I was taking Tony to the Sprint store to retreive his pass code to unlock his phone, he remembered the code. Isn't that Murphy's Law in action? We stopped off at the Red Oven Bakery for their famous Ranger Cookies. (Which are now all gone....Thanks boys!).

I was able to start reading the "between-the-numbers" Stephanie Plum book called Plum Lucky. And, I took my mom out to Candlelight Inn. We drove past the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium afterwards. OMG! That is a huge stadium. I know Danny wants to fly in for the home games. Dream on...I heard the tickets were astronomically priced.

We let the kids dye Easter eggs. Believe it or not, that is the first time we have done that. My brother decided to play a trick on the kids and he dyed a non-hardboiled egg. We'll find out what happens tomorrow after church. Yes, another thing we have never done as a whole family...attend church with all the kids. Hmmm...stay tuned!

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