March 28, 2008

A Peaceful Easy Feeling....

Where? Not at my house! I caught Tony with a myspace account. I only found out because an email popped up saying that his account was suspended because it violated one of the rules. Well, the only rules were underage, obsense pictures or language, copyright infringement, or some technical rule with banners and html something or other. Heavy sigh...

Marisa, on the other hand, has done an okay job with her myspace. She is older and is more of a "lil mama gangsta" (which translates to a more modern day tomboy, or at least that's my understanding). She is also able to send pictures from her phone...a service in which she is paying us to have from her babysitting money.

The kids and I went to get haircuts and mustache waxes (for me and Marisa). Man, I knew my waxing was going to hurt when the lady was putting the hot wax closer and closer to my nose and around my lips. Those blonde downeys are hell! With Marisa's black hair, waxing can be done in 3 easy swipes. After that ordeal was over, we headed to Louisville to Kyashi's for sushi. Marisa and I were red faced from the waxing. Tony looked like Billy Idol with his white punky hair. C'est la vie!

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