January 28, 2009


WHY ME? I know, that's kinda conceited. But the day did not start off right. Here's why?
1) First thing, I started a load of laundry and the machine made an thump sound in the middle of the spin cycle. I told Danny, who said that the noise was normal. My response was, "well, how often do you hear thumping in the spin cycle?" Since he wasn't going to investigate, I did. I went into the basement to find leakage...yes, leakage from the washer. Well, Danny decides that the drum got off balance. True, I agree, but what about the thumping? Turns out the bands holding the drum popped off...hence the "thump".

2) Then during the washer fiasco, Dad called from Texas. We all heard about the ice storm, right? Guess what? The heater went out. Dang! I was just there, too. He had to call an A/C & Heating company. $3,900 later...

3) Before we left for school, Tony decided this morning that his underwear didn't fit "right" anymore, so he is wearing his gym shorts for underwear. I just bought him new underwear in October!

4) A few hours later, Marisa called from school. She was in the Dean's office. "But, Mom, wait, it's no big deal!" Come to find out, another girl was bullying Marisa. Without going into too many details, the girl has been shoving Marisa in the hallway since December. Today, the girl flipped a chair over and yelled at Marisa IN THE CLASSROOM, in front of other students and a teacher's aid. So, Marisa had to file an official incident report with the counselor and the Dean. After talking with the Dean, I was assured this matter will be resolved in the morning (it was early release today and the kids split school quickly).

5) Back to the laundry...now it is just after 3pm and even though Danny worked from home today, the original clothes that were in the washer....STAYED in the washer. I'm having to dry them now.

That's it...like that's not enough. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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